Established in 2020

Free service offering you a place to learn computers from scratch. A+ knowledge will be offered. Please be patient as the site does continue to get updated to provide further value. Currently have my Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA) and will soon have Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree. Look forward to teaching the world! Enjoy All

Have you ever been interested in computers but feel they are just too complicated? Try my site which offers basic computer knowledge to anyone looking to start the war with the machine! Once you start you will never want to stop. Remember, as with all things, this will take time. Just like any skill we all have taken the time to learn these skills over longer periods of time. Once you start you will start to retain the basic skills needed to move into more complex areas of the computer. Don’t stress and have fun!



Help people learn computer skills to improve quality of life


Teach all generations how important computer skills are for your future